Sacrament Download Game PC Full Version

Sacrament Download Game PC Full Version

Sacrament Download Game PC Full Version is now here on our site and you can download for free with direct links. Download Sacrament PC Game and enjoy to play this amazing game on your PC.

Sacrament Download Game PC Full Version

Sacrament Download Game PC

Sacrament PC Game has been release today and since you are loyal visitors, we decided to offer you Sacrament PC Free Download. Click below on download buttons to Download Free Sacrament Full Game arhive without to need to add crack or serial , just download install and play . Sacrament Cracked Version is available for all country’s and for all PC systems.


This is Otome Adventure game, 28 stills, 3 capture characters (angel, devil, holy knight)
According to the scenario, it develops like a novel, in-game BGM and main character all have lines
In the process of playing the game, the player can choose different options for his favorite heroine
And it is possible to be affected by deployment

Once. A certain village was destroyed by the hands of the devil.
“The tragedy of the red village – <Crimson Fulham>”
A girl who survived only one incident called so – Islay.
Despite being suffering from the memory of the past, she was living a hard day to day.
One day, Islay gets lost in the way on your way home.
Waking up a painful memory, that appeared before her frightened by the silence of the night,
A young man who suffered serious injury.
And it was a devil of black feathers bearing the moon.
– I will definitely grant your wish –
A reunion after ten years will greatly shake Islay’s destiny.

“Red village tragedy <Crimson · Fulham>” incident, the only survival.
After the incident, she was taken to a cellophore orphanage and lives in a town off the town.
It is the body of a lonely loneliness, but also has the strength to try with a bright smile.
I am on good terms with Rafiel, a young female apprentice.
I’m striving hard to use the town that picked it up … ….?

<Youth targeted for capture / devil hunt>
A young man who was seriously injured when he was dying, who appeared before the hero. Putting on demon hunting.
I have a revenge on the devil “Ile-de Corona”, but I get caught back.
The fact that Islay of the same circumstances is not considering revenge is to cast a stone on his existence.
Personality is serious, cold. I do not speak more than necessary, but it is not a sayinglessness.
I always carry a gold and silver double sword.

<Destroy target – The devil who destroyed the village>
Ilelet Coronum
A demon that pushes out Noin to dying and gets on Islay’s house. Known as “Devil of the Crown”
He said the two had mountains.
I will strike my fangs if I fail to kill Noine, I also have an interest in the hero protecting him,
Also, knowing that the hero is the survival of the case in the example, I will start spending money on Islay.
The remarks are very ambiguous and I am always steadily moving, but it seems to have any purpose … …?

<Objects to be captured, Apprentice of the Father>
Rafijer Jeri
A young man who apprenticeship as a priest who serves as a church.
He is a little older brother than Islay and has been watching her since her young age.
Always smiling, calm personality.

Title: Sacrament Download Game PC
Genre: AdventureCasualIndie
Developer: MagicHouse
Publisher: SakuraGame
Release Date: 29 Nov, 2017

Click on a download button located below to start downloading this game. click on download to start Sacrament Download Game PC , when the game is downloaded , extract arhive , install the game and enjoy to play this great game.

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